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Dr. Eva Kutejova

head of department

Laboratory of Biochemistry and Protein Structure

Dr. Eva Kutejova (group leader)

ATP-dependent proteases in mitochondria

Mitochondrial proteases control key steps during mitochondrial biogenesis by proteolytic processing of regulatory proteins. A prevailing role can be assigned to ATP-dependent AAA proteases. Processes in focus of our research are mitochondrial posttranslational regulations, the control of the assembly of nucleoid complex, as well as proteolytic processes regulating mitochondrial dynamics. Mitochondria play an important role in cellular function, cell differentiation, and cell death processes. Mitochondrial dysfunction contributes to ageing, pathogenesis of many neurodegenerative disorders and cancer. We are analyzing the processing and degradation of various key players regulating mitochondrial dynamics in S. cerevisiae and human cells.

Structural and functional studies on human ryanodine receptor 2

Regular hearth function is one of the fundamental physiological functions fundamental for human life. The protein which plays a key role in this process is ryanodine receptor 2 (RyR2), which is expressed predominantly in heart muscle. RyR2, a calcium channel, mediates calcium release from sarcoplasmic reticulum into the cytoplasm causing regular heart contraction. Improper RyR2 function is a cause of severe heart diseases (CPVT1, ARVD2, SIDS, SUO). We study structure and function of RyR2 using bioinformatics, proteomics, molecular and structural biology. An important milestone on this way was determination of the structure of the RyR2 N-terminal part by X-ray and SAXS analysis. We have also succeeded to prepare and characterize several RyR2 mutants associated with above mentioned diseases.

Septin - cell division

Group of dr. Farkašovský is focusing on mechanisms of regulation of cell cycle in yeast S. cerevisiae. Septins are conserved guanine nucleotide binding proteins present in most eukaryotic organisms, involved in the cytokinesis and membrane remodelling functions. Major aim of the project is to explain how the specific protein-protein interactions and posttranslational modifications induce changes in the polymerization of septin filaments or assembly of higher-order structures in vivo.

Projects in cooperation with other institutes of SAS

Using yeast S. cerevisiae as a model eukaryotic organism our research is aimed at answering the question how interactions between intracellular organelles contribute to maintenance of lipid homeostasis. We focus on involvement of phosphatidylinositol transfer proteins in maintaining membrane phospholipid composition and resistance to azole antifungals.

Laboratory of Neurobiology

Dr. Frantisek Jursky (group leader)

Neurotransmitter transporters are membrane proteins, grouped into family of sodium/chloride dependent transporters solute carrier 6 (SLC6). They regulate pools of several important neurotransmitters and their impairment leads to serious illnesses. While the structurally highly conserved core of transporters has adopted only small changes during the evolution, little is  known about the structure of the large extracellular glycosylated loop and cytoplasmatically protruding N- and C-terminal regions. These regions are not directly involved in transport, they however contain several important regulatory signals affecting final transporter performance. Our laboratory reported previously that some of the transporters are substrates of calcium dependent protease calpain. If this represents a new mode of transporters regulation is under ongoing investigation. We additionally recently found that the N-terminal regions of glycine transporters exhibit an atypical dynamic interaction with Coomassie dye, suggesting their high flexibility and unstructured character, confirmed by independent circular dichroism studies.

The glycine transporter GlyT1 colocalizes with NMDA receptor and because the glycine serves as the NMDA coagonist, GlyT1 plays important role in its regulation. We have recently found that benzophenanthridine alkaloids inhibit GlyT1 in micromolar range and we identified their putative binding pocket. Even though these alkaloids exhibits wide spectrum of interactions and these results might be mainly important for the toxicology of benzophenanthridines, optimization of the pharmacophore might lead to more specific GlyT1 inhibitors. NMDA receptor is involved in higher neuronal function, memory and pain transmission; therefore inhibitors of GlyT1 may provide important means to influence these processes and to treat the potential illnesses.

Neurotransmitter transporters contain PDZ binding motif in their very C-terminal region. We recently found that many of them interact in vitro with PDZ domains of MUPP1, a largest multiple PDZ signaling protein. These interaction studies revealed some 3D similarities of PDZ binding motifs not apparent from their primary amino acid sequences. 

Molecular Immunology Unit

Dr. Vladimir Leksa (group leader)

For properly working physiological processes well-balanced cellular responses are required. This includes mutual interactions of soluble factors, cell surface receptors and intracellular signalling molecules. The loss of control over these interactions leads to various impairments and pathological circumstances, e.g. tumorigenesis or inflammat ory disorders.

In particular, immune cells of both adaptive and innate branches of immune system, such as T cells, B cells, macrophages or dendritic cells, are constantly exposed to an array of stimuli; they must distinguish between self and non-self, danger and normal, what has to be tolerated and what attacked. Many molecular pathways are involved in this labor.

We in our laboratory study the spatial and temporal organization of cellular receptors, their ligands, and associated signalling molecules in controlling immunity. Our research interest is focused on molecules underlying control devices in protein transpo t. Our up-to-now data strongly indicate a regulatory function of the mannose 6-phosphate/insulin-like growth factor 2 receptor (CD222) in various cellular functions including proteolysis, cell migration, signal transduction, or endocytosis. Our goal is to decipher the role of this specific endosomal transporter, and protein trafficking in general, in immune responses in health and disease. Our major objective is to provide pharmacological tools to modulate these responses. Our laboratory closely collaborates with Molecular Immunology Unit in the Institute for Hygiene and Applied Immunology at the Medical University of Vienna Medical University. More information about the various research projects can be found also here.

Protein Evolution

Prof. Stefan Janecek (group leader)

Laboratory of Protein Evolution is engaged in basic research in the field of protein bioinformatics. It is focused on the in silico study of proteins at the molecular level, i.e. to compare the primary and tertiary protein structures and to draw the relationships between the sequence, structure and evolution on one side and function, specificity and stability of the other side. The main aim is - within a collaboration with experimental approaches - protein engineering and design. In the centre of attention, there are enzymes hydrolyzing starch and related oligo- and polysaccharides, mainly from the alpha-amylase families (~30 different enzyme specificities), currently classified in the CAZy system (Carbohydrate-Active Enzymes) into families of glycoside hydrolases GH13, GH57, GH119 and eventually also GH126. The interest is also in functionally and evolutionarily related enzymes from families GH70, GH77 and GH31, as well as in starch binding domains from the so-called CAZy CBM families.

Stefan Janecek represents a pioneer in the bioinformatics, i.e. in silico, approach to studying of proteins in Slovakia. He has been devoted to this scientific field for 25 years continuously, 15 last years being giving his experiences to students as a university teacher. He has published 80 CC articles reaching more than 2,000 WOS-SCI citations. Under his supervising, 5 PhD-students have already finished their studies successfully. He has been the founder and main organizer of a series of international symposia about the enzymes from the alpha-amylase family - ALAMYs, held from 2001 traditionally in the Smolenice Castle in Slovakia. In 2016, he established international open-access scientific journal Amylase. He is also one of curators and co-authors of the web-based encyclopedia for carbohydrate-active enzymes CAZypedia.


Research fellows:
     Prof. Stefan Janecek
     Dr. Eva Kutejova
     Dr. Vladimir Pevala
     Dr. Vladena Bauerova
     Dr. Marian Farkasovsky
     Dr. Jacob Bauer
     Dr. Martina Baliova
     Dr. Vladimir Leksa
     Dr. Lubica Urbanikova
     Dr. Frantisek Jursky
     Dr. Gabriela Ondrovicova
     Dr. Nina Kunova
     Dr. Marek Gabrisko
     Eszter Zsemlye
     Lucia Martinakova
     Filip Marecek
PhD students:
     Dr. Barbora Stojkovicova
     Veronika Kotrasova
     Iveta Jahodova
     Henrieta Havalova
     Monika Zamocka
     Adam Polacek
     Romana Prazenicova
Undergraduate students:
     Natalia Usakova
     Maria Malgotova

International scientific co-operation

  1. BioChemoInformatics Unit, Institute of Organic Synthesis and Photoreactivity, National Research Council , Bologna, Italy
  2. Biofyzikální chemie a molekulární onkologie Biofyzikální ústav Akademie věd České republiky, v.v.i. , Brno, Czech Republic
  3. Cardiff University School of Dentistry, Cardiff, United Kingdom
  4. Chemistry & Biochemistry Department at University of California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, USA
  5. Department for Structural and Computational Biology, Max Perutz Labs, Vienna, Austria
  6. Department of Chemistry, University of York, York, United Kingdom
  7. Department of Dermatology, Medical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria
  8. Dr. Dessy Natalia, Biochemistry Research Division, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Bandung, Indonesia
  9. Dr. Jean-Luc Da Lage, Laboratoire Evolution, Génomes Comportement, Ecologie, CNRS, Université Paris Sud, Gif sur Yvette, France
  10. Dr. Kian Mau Goh, Department of Biosciences and Health Sciences, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
  11. Dr. Natasa Bozic, Institute of Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia
  12. Dr. Paweł Filipkowski, Department of Food Chemistry, Technology and Biotechnology, Faculty of Chemistry, Gdansk University of Technology, Gdansk, Poland
  13. Institute of Cellular Biology and Pathology, 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague, Prague, Czech Republic
  14. Laboratory of Molecular Immunology, Institute of Molecular Genetics, AS CR, Praha, Czech Republic
  15. Microbiological Institute, Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic, Prague, Czech Republic
  16. Molecular Immunology Unit, Institute for Hygiene and Applied Immunology, Center for Pathophysiology, Infectiology and Immunology, Medical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria
  17. National Centre for Biomolecular Research, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic
  18. Prof. Birte Svensson, Enzyme and Protein Chemistry, Department of Systems Biology, Technical University of Denmark, Kgs. Lyngby - Copenhagen, Denmark
  19. Prof. Marc J.E.C. van der Maarel, Department Aquatic Biotechnology and Bioproduct Engineering, University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands

Scientific projects

  • Building learning and research capacities in the structure and functional analysis of biomolecules for the needs of biomedicine and biotechnology.
    (Interreg V-A Slovak - Austria, ITMS 305011X666, May 2019 - Nov 2022)
    Principal investigator: Eva Kutejová
  • Study of the effect of cardiac arrhythmia-associated mutations on the structure and function of the human ryanodine receptor 2.
    (VEGA 2/0131/2020, Jan 2020 - Dec 2023)
    Principal investigator: Vladena Bauerová

Selected Publications

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