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Dr. Lubos Klucar
head of laboratory

Bioinformatics research is focused on genome annotation, protein function prediction and study of gene regulatory networks in prokaryots. The Laboratory co-operate with other research groups at the Institute and in Slovakia, where bioinformatics approaches are applied. At the present time the main object of study are bacteriophages and characterisation and identification of transcription regulation systems of these primitive organisms. The phiSITE database is developed here, which collects and presents available data about phage genomes, genes, taxonomy, hosts bacteria and regulation of gene expression, using the web based application. Another project we are working on at the moment is phiBIOTICS - a database of bacteriophage enzybiotics. The Laboratory maintains the Slovak National EMBnet node.

Research fellows:
     Klucar_2014.jpgDr. Lubos Klucar
     Stano_2014.jpgDr. Matej Stano
PhD students:
     gabor_2.jpgGabor Beke
Undergraduate students:
     Jana Terenova
International scientific co-operation
  1. BEN, ULB, Bruxelles, Belgium
  2. CNR, Institute for Biomedical Technologies, Bari, Italy
  3. Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, PAS, Warsaw, Poland
  4. Sweden Biomedical Centre, Uppsala, Sweeden
Selected Publications
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  2. Hojckova, K., Stano, M., Klucar, L.
    phiBIOTICS: catalogue of therapeutic enzybiotics, relevant research studies and practical applications.
    (2013) BMC Microbiol. 13: 53-.
  3. Stano, M., Klucar, L.
    phiGENOME: An integrative navigation throughout bacteriophage genomes .
    (2011) Genomics 98(5): 376-380.
  4. Klucar, L., Stano, M., Hajduk, M.
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    (2010) Nucleic Acids Res. 38(Database issue): D366-D370.
  5. D'Elia, D., Gisel, A., Eriksson, N.E., Kossida, S., Mattila, K., Klucar, L., Bongcam-Rudloff, E.
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    (2009) BMC Bioinformatics 10(Suppl 6): S1-.
  6. Bukovska, G., Klucar, L., Vlcek, C., Adamovic, J., Turna, J., Timko, J.
    Complete nucleotide sequence and genome analysis of bacteriophage BFK20 - A lytic phage of the industrial producer Brevibacterium flavum.
    (2006) Virology 348(1): 57-71.
  7. Kormutakova, R., Klucar, L., Turna, J.
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